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Back up and restore data, entire partitions or just their parts
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O&O DiskImage is intended to back up and restore data, including individual files and folders as well as entire partitions. The program creates image files of the selected data and allows mounting them at a later time. Despite its many features, it is quite easy to find your way through its interface. There is, for instance, a welcome screen that takes you exactly to what you want to do. However, it has so many options to configure that it would be logical for a newbie to feel overwhelmed.

The program can be run in three different modes. Thus, you can start in full or express mode as well as run the Image Wizard. The full mode shows a list of all partitions in your system with as size, the number of sectors per cluster, available space, file system and drive letter. From this main screen, you can perform various types of actions intended to reduce the risk of losing important data. There is the possibility of performing complete, incremental and differential backups of a drive, a part of it and even the complete disk. Likewise, it is allowed to back up all the drives in a computer. Luckily, it supports creating a bootable disk, which comes in quite handy when the system cannot start properly. Finally, yet importantly, it lets you restore data from the copies you have previously created. The express mode, in turn, is just a simplified way for you to access the most commonly used features, such as creating an image, restoring an image, reading image information and mounting a drive.

It is great that there is a wizard to help you in create frequent backup tasks. It takes through the steps of deciding what to do, such as creating a complete image or just include the changes. Then, you can pick the whole disk, a partition or just a part (folders and files). Next, you should decide when to perform the tasks, with the possibility of scheduling them with a given frequency or executing them automatically when the device is plugged in. After doing this, it is necessary to select a target location. Fortunately, the program lets you compress and encrypt images if you think it necessary. Likewise, it supports spanning images on various volumes of a given size.

Other useful features include creating virtual drives to which you can mount image files and verifying them for any errors. Moreover, it can burn ISO images to discs. What is more, the program can merge incremental images, convert between image file formats and map network drives.

In fewer words, O&O DiskImage is a very versatile and reliable tool when it comes to preserving the data on your computer from accidental losses. The product is sold in various editions: Professional, Powerpack, and Server, which have varying prices and features. Unfortunately, this is not a cheap program; yet, it can be tried at no cost for a limited period of time.

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  • Runs in three modes
  • Performs complete, incremental and differential backups
  • Creates bootable disks
  • Merges incremental images
  • Burns ISO images to discs


  • Too complicated for newbies
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