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Save and restore entire drives or selected files and folders in a few clicks
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Performing regular backups of our most important data should be at the basis of any standard maintenance practice. O&O DiskImage comes with all the tools and features you need to back up and restore any amount of data, from a selected set of files and/or folders to an entire drive. Its backwards compatibility guarantees the restore of all your old backups in newer machines and operating systems.

The program opens in a neat and nicely designed menu with the most commonly used features – namely, the main backup, restore, clone, and recovery operations. The entire interface is nice to look at, but the disparity between what you see in the initial menu and what you can find in the actual tabs, together with the similarity of the information shown in some of its sections, may make it a bit confusing at times. Other than that, O&O DiskImage is a tool that adapts to the user’s needs, therefore suitable for both home users and IT managers.

The program’s main functionality is pretty straightforward if all you need to do is back up or restore your data. Its the One-Click option will let you back up and clone entire drives – and even entire PCs – by clicking just once. It performs all the usual kinds of backup you would expect from a professional tool, such as incremental and differential backups. More savvy users count with settings to customize their image files, the option to concatenate various jobs in a batch, and to define different profiles for different needs. As a novelty, the program will add boot information to all your external drives and USB storage devices every time you back up your data there – a new feature known as DiskImage To Go.

The program’s Tools section is certainly worth mentioning. It include utilities to read and validate image files, to burn them to disc, to mount and unmount drives, to merge incremental images and convert image files between formats, to create bootable disks, to check your drives and your computer properties, and to map or disconnect network drives.

O&O DiskImage comes in different flavors to cover all possible needs. The Professional edition is the “basic” one, and it contains all the features and tools mentioned in this review and then some. The Workstation edition is aimed mainly to IT professionals working in a network, and it adds to the functionality of the Professional edition a wealth of network functions. Finally, the Server edition adds support for Windows 2008 to Server 2019 to the above.

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  • Backs up and clones entire drives with one click
  • Integrates boot information to any external backup
  • Performs any number of jobs in batches
  • Offers backwards compatibility when restoring old backups
  • Produces informative reports


  • The interface design may be a bit confusing at times
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